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Tim Cumming’s first collection, The Miniature Estate was published in 1991 by Smith/Doorstop, and subsequent books include Apocalypso (Scratch 1992, Stride 1999, reissued 2004), Contact Print (Wrecking Ball Press, 2002), The Rumour (Stride, 2004), The Rapture (Salt, 2011). Etruscan Miniatures (2012) and Rebel Angels in the Mind Shop (2015) were published by Pitt Street Poetry, Australia.

He has made a series of acclaimed film poems, including Flowers, shown at festivals in Europe, ans in north and South America.

and exhibited poems and paintings at Sladers Yard gallery in Dorset and at the Rowley Gallery in west London. His work has appeared in three editions of The Forward Book of Poetry, its 2004 Best of the Decade anthology, and Bloodaxe Books’ 2010 anthology, Identity  Parade.

Tim Cumming is also a music writer specialising in British and European folk, Moroccan and East European music, as well as rock and jazz. He writes regularly for Songlines magazine, and has published in The Guardian, Independent, Telegraph, Uncut, The Arts Desk, Evening Standard, Metro and others.

In 2006-2007, he made the acclaimed BBC documentary film about the space rock band Hawkwind. In 2013, Hawkwind: Do Not Panic opened a major festival of music films at the Danish Film Institute.

To contact Tim Cumming for readings, writings, paintings or filmings, please fill in the blanks below.




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