Come within Earshot

Ghost dogs 1

Earshot  with Eyebrow:
a new film poem

Eyebrow, comprising Get The Blessing and Three Cane Whale trumpeter Pete Judge, and percussion Paul Wigens made the music.

The film footage is of a journey from Deptford to Clapham Junction on the night of St George’s Day; I’d been performing at a festival at the Master Shipwright’s Palace at the request of Sam Lee, and the nestcollective.

As for the text of this poem, it was begun listening to vintage sounds on an Analog Africa album of rare West African discs. That led to thoughts about movement, movements of all kinds. Movements of love, hate, expulsion, of atoms and ships and dancing bodies and bodies that can dance no more.

Earshot was first published by Rupert Loydell in International Times online. It will be published in KNUCKLE from Pitt Street Poetry, Australia, in 2019

This is the first film poem from Handheld Films for some years. Click the main title or this link here to view it for yourself. Or just play it here….


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