Music and poetry at Sladers Yard


Kimmeridge 17 10 15001

The coast, a few miles west of West Bay in Dorset, the Ooser county

On Thursday 13 July 2017,  the mighty English instrumental folk trio Leveret come to Sladers Yard gallery in West Bay, Dorset, and I’ll be reading poems alongside Annie Freud. They are truly among the best of a new generation of instrumental English folk groups,  and not to be missed. Nor is Annie. Her Picador collections are part of the essential fabric of c21 British poetry.

For a little more on my own work, here’s Bethany W Pope (who has also performed at Sladers) writing about my last collection, Rebel Angels in the Mind Shop. 

Here is an edited account of Leveret live, which I first published in The Guardian.

“Leveret (an old name for a young hare) prefer their concerts unamplified, and in the round. Fiddler Sam Sweeney, English concertina player Rob Harbron and accordionist Andy Cutting – three of the very best on the scene – reanimate the antique realms of song and lost tunes that is Playford’s Dancing Master, as well as older, hoarier material such as the magisterial, semi-pagan Abbots Bromley Horn Dance, first documented in August, 1226, but likely much older. Theirs is a rich, sinewy immersion, guided by a mutual sense of exploration, space, and a very English kind of swing. It’s an intimate, contemporary reinvention of the source material, each member weaving fluently in and out of focus as soloist. Harbron’s English concertina, especially, casts an almost supernatural glow across the tunes. Indeed, their ensemble interaction on the expansive, otherworldly Horn Dance takes off and flies high like some yeasty Jacobean Hawkwind, the trio probing the music and elevating it as The Gloaming have done with Irish music.”

Click on the link below for more about the night, and about Sladers.
And then book your ticket. Also on Leveret’s Gig page.


And finally, Leveret live on YouTube


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