Radio Carbon shorts #11

The film poem Radio Carbon was premiered at the Renoir cinema in 2009 as part of the wonderful Zata Banks’‘s regular screenings, and at Port Eliot Festival in 2010.

The complete 27-minute film comprises 24 numbered sections, and may be viewed as a sequence of separate, interlocking filmpoems with recurring motifs.

For this winter, I have broken up the film into 24 parts and will be posting them day by day as we approach the winter solstice, in the style of an advent calendar. Each one is between 45 and 90 seconds each. So start your day with a few drops of imagery …

Here is the eleventh film poem, Grave Goods


Carbon still 2


Grave Goods
The set was carried by invisible hands,
cosmic stylists tearing up the score.
You take a book from the shelf, Destruction
of the Jaguar, set your sights on the Mayan
calender, cloud banks rolling in like
great ancestors across the plains,
lights going out a thousands years from
here beneath layers of alluvial sediment,
the bedstead of an erotic dream
banging against the wall of your room
as you wake in a spray of broken images
the running tide pulling back the covers on
swollen idols, tell-tale hairs coating the surface
in the grease of the unconscious mind.


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